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Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Postage and Delivery

Sharon Stay

Just like every other human being, those employed and loved by this business like to breathe clean fresh air, drink clean rain water and experience low levels of pollution in our air and water and food.

We have chosen to use compostable postage satchels, labels and stickers and will endeavour to keep postage prices to a minimum.

The Linen Clothing Shop currently owns and uses a 'zero emissions' electric car, charged on solar electricity. We understand this to be a gentle way of saying it is good to have an affordable car that does not have an exhaust pipe that produces pollution when it is driven as we like clean air to breathe, just like everyone else. We would encourage others to do the same to the best of their ability so that we can all be blessed and not breathe in horrible car fumes or have their pollution wash into our drinking water and or kill our fruit and vegetables, plants and trees, animals and sea life.

We were very blessed when others helped us in this way. We would hope that we are a continued blessing towards you and those you love.

Kind Regards,

Mrs Sharon Joy Stay.

Linen Clothing Shop