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What Quality Are Your Essential Oils?

Sharon Stay Essential Oil Quality

Our Essential Oil Quality

All Life Oils' essential oils are therapeutic grade, GMO free, and are grown and produced without the use of synthetic fertilisers or pesticides. They use traditional, organic, sustainable, farming practices. We believe this is the highest class of essential oils.

Our essential oils are sourced from the named botanical species, and extracted by the listed method of extraction only. No technical additions or formulations have been used to the best of our knowledge. They are simply, pure and natural, 100% organic, essential oils.

Although Life Oils sources 100% Organic Essential Oils, we do not pass along the organic certification as we ourselves are not certified. We believe this does not influence the quality of our essential oils. It is simply cost prohibitive to certify our business. If we did, the cost of our essential oils and perfumes would need to rise significantly. We'd prefer to keep our costs low making our oils more affordable for our customers.


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