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COVID-19: Understand Your Human Rights

Sharon Stay Allergies Human Rights Vaccine Allergies

Any contract or agreement which denies any human being their right for their case to be justly heard in a court of law, is an illegal contract/agreement and a significant breach of human rights.

There are those in the Australian community who have been illegally told that they do not have the right to have their case heard justly in a court of law, particularly in the situation where they have had a vaccine/pharmaceutical/drug/schedule 4 poison/ reported allergen administered to them coercively or have been threatened with having a vaccine/pharmaceutical/drug/schedule 4 poison/reported allergen administered to them coercively or they have experienced adverse reactions from a vaccine/pharmaceutical/drug/schedule 4 poison  or reported allergen administered to them. 

Any one falsely convincing any human being they need to experiment with drugs/pharmaceuticals/vaccines/poisons/ reported allergens is behaving in an illegal manner.  In a just court of law, the drug/vaccine/pharmaceutical/poisoner  is punished more significantly that the drug/vaccine/pharmaceutical addict. The druggist / poisoner is the abuser in their unhealthy relationship.

Vaccines/schedule 4 poisons are a mind-altering, experimental, illegal drug / pharmaceutical / schedule 4 listed poison, that are known and documented to cause death and very serious injury and are never safe or effective for any human being to use. No drug is to be mandatory in Australia, under any circumstance. No drug is to be pushed onto Australians. No drug is to be coerced. 

It is against the Australian Constitution, Queensland Human Rights Law, God's Law, the Nuremberg code and against Australian and International Human Rights Law to mandate a vaccine/pharmaceutical/drug / poison to any human being and to maliciously destroy their livelihood.

In God's word, the Holy Bible, we are warned very strongly to stay away from pharmaceuticals, also known as sorcery. Pharmacy/sorcery/drug/vaccine  / poisons are synonyms. In Australia, Australians have freedom of faith and religion.

In God's word, the Holy Bible, we are warned very strongly to only submit to God, not to evil, the demonic or satan or lies.

In Australia, every human being has the right, no matter their age, to refuse drugs / pharmaceuticals / schedule 4 poisons, debt, illegal activity, abuse, violence, unwanted sex or unwanted sexual attention and alcohol and to not be coerced or violated or physically abused or raped or murdered or vilified for their decision.

In Australia, every business, entity, charity, church, facility, school and home, no matter the size, has the right to not endorse, provide, manufacture, administer pharmaceuticals.  

In Australia, under Australian Consumer law, Australians have the right to receive good products that are safe and do what they are designed to do, when used as they are designed to be used. We are not to be malicious towards each other or deliberately harm others out of vengeance or anger or because we ourselves have been hurt in the past. No one will prosper in God's goodness, if we behave towards each other like that.

In Australia every human being, no matter their age or vulnerability, has the right to not be coerced with a pharmaceutical/ poison / drug / vaccine / known allergen.

In Australia, it is illegal to 'push drugs', sell drugs or provide drugs or administer drugs / poisons.

In Australia, every person has the right to refuse a substance that has been shown to be unsafe or injurious or to cause death, without fear of coercion or oppression or penalty.

In Australia every legal guardian has the legal right to go to those they have legal guardianship over or to have them safely brought to them.

The current Prime Minister of Australia, Mr Scott Morrison has repeatedly said that he would not mandate vaccines / schedule 4 poisons. I also have a letter written by him to me personally, saying that the COVID-19 vaccine would not be mandated in Australia. I also have one from Dr Paul Kelly, the Australian Chief Medical Officer, saying the vaccines would not be mandated. 

Yet, on June 28, 2021, the Australian Prime Minister, Mr Scott John Morrison in a media release on his Prime Minister of Australia internet page, admitted that he and the current Australian State Premiers had mandated schedule 4 poisons for all aged care workers, all quarantine workers, including those involved in transport. He also admits to mandating schedule 4 poisons to the air transport sector and to planning to do the same to all Australians. 

The Prime Minister of Australia, Mr Scott John Morrison admitted the following:

"Now a final thing noted tonight by the National Cabinet was the federal Government to support also the mandatory vaccination [schedule 4 poisoning] of not just those of aged care workers, but more broadly to support the vaccination [schedule 4 poisoning] of, of people across Australia, we support a new no fault indemnity scheme for general practitioners who administer COVID-19 vaccines." 

"Some 7.374 million doses of the vaccine [schedule 4 poison].... have been administered."

"We have agreed to mandate vaccination to have at least one dose by September, mid September 2021 of all residential aged care workforce against the COVID-19 as a condition of working in a residential aged care facility. Now that will be implemented in a partnership between the Commonwealth and the states, preferably using the same system that i used for having mandatory vaccinations for the flu for aged care workers. That is traditionally done through the state public health orders. But the Commonwealth will work together with the states to ensure compliance with those orders because we have those direct relationships and reporting relationships with the aged care providers."

" We agreed for mandatory vaccination [schedule 4 poison] and testing of all quarantine workers and all workers directly and indirectly involved in managed quarantine including workers involved in the transport of quarantined individuals."

The honesty and integrity of the Australian Prime Minister Mr Scott Morrison is in serious doubt. Mr Scott John Morrison MP has lied to me and other Australians because he mandated these vaccines [schedule 4 poisons] in Australia and admitted to planing to coercively mandate these schedule 4 poisons on the Australian people. That is malicious intent.

Written by Mrs Sharon Stay (B.Occ Thy. UQ 1991).

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