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Fact: Death rate from COVID-19 higher in vaccinated in QLD, Australia.

Sharon Stay Australia Death Rate in Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated From COVID-19 Virus in QLD Warning Against Pharmaceuticals Warning Against Vaccinations

Of the 501 deaths reported in QLD since 13/01/2022 due to the COVID-19 virus, 394 were vaccinated and 107 were not vaccinated, with the COVID-19 vaccine. Prior to the 13/01/2022, there had only been 14 deaths in QLD people, from the COVID-19 virus since the COVID-19 pandemic started about 2 years ago. The COVID-19 vaccine started to be administered on 21/02/2021 in QLD.

The COVID-19 vaccine is increasing the rate of death, not decreasing it, as I warned the Prime Minister of Australia Mr Scott John Morrison and his wife Jenny, that it would, back in August 2019.

There have been far more deaths in the vaccinated than in the unvaccinated from a substance that was advertised and endorsed by the PM Scott Morrison and other MPs and indecent Drs as reducing the severity of the virus and decreasing the probability of death from the COVID-19 virus. They know it is causing death and that it is harmful and yet they persist in endorsing it and coercing it upon the Australian people. 

In Australia, all vaccines for human use are classified as schedule 4 poisons and as toxic substances and pharmaceuticals, and drugs. Coercion of a toxic substance is a crime against humanity. Mandating a toxic substance is a crime against humanity. Do not murder.

The survival rate is significantly higher in those who faithfully worship the Living God and obey His commandments, including to not endorse sorcery, also known as pharmacy or willingly agree to have a pharmaceutical administered to them. 

No where does the Living God in His Holy Word, ever endorse sorcery.

Let's look at some facts from between 13/01/2022 - 24/02/2022 as reported by the QLD Premier, QLD CHO, and the QLD Cabinet on the ABC News comparing the death rate in the vaccinated versus the death rate in the unvaccinated, in those who became ill from the COVID-19 virus in Queensland, Australia.


Every person has the right to choose to not be vaccinated without being punished. For vaccines are a toxic substance that are injurious and cause death and are not effective. Each person has the right to not have a vaccine given to them under duress. That is called attempted murder.

The Australian TGA does not stop administering a toxic substance even when it is known to cause death, serious injury and is effective against a virus for which it has supposedly been administered to stop. I was told that in a phone conversation with the "recall co-ordinator". The Prime Minister of Australia, Mr Scott John Morrison is the person responsible, along with Mr Greg Hunt and the Director of TGA, Mr John Skerritt along with any indecent Dr , including CHO's who advocated for such a toxic substance and prescribed a toxic substance to a person in need instead of helping them. Toxic substances do not heal. They harm. All of them knew it was a toxic substance and all of them still deliberately endorsed, mandated it and attacked those who did not want to receive it or who warned others against being administered a toxic substance.

Toxic substances do not heal. They harm. All of them knew it was a toxic substance and all of them still deliberately endorsed, mandated it and attacked those who did not want to receive it or who warned others against being administered a toxic substance.

It is a crime to put any person under duress to receive a toxic substance in Australia or to give it to them against their will. That is in the criminal code. It's called attempted murder. Australian Law All vaccines for human use are schedule 4 poisons in the Australian poisons's standard. All vaccines are classified as drugs and pharmaceuticals. 

In the Holy Bible, it is evil and wicked to promote pharmaceuticals. It is wrong to be in contempt of the Living God and His law and His judgement and His right to rule and His court. He has the power to throw sorcerers permanently in hell. Pharmacy is a synonym for sorcery. His justice is very swift. It is always best to Worship the Living God and obey Him only, for that is righteous living. He is the true and only giver of life.

It is a crime to put any person under duress to receive a toxic substance in Australia. That is in the criminal code.

'No!' means 'No!'
Choose Life!

























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  • Marie on

    If the double standards, nonsensical rules and outright stupidity wasn’t sufficient, the numbers should speak for themselves. Wish more would see and understand!

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