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Faith and Flood Emergency Essentials

Sharon Stay Blessings Faith Flood Emergency Essentials

I am repeatedly perplexed why people, when communicating about the essentials that are required to live through a flood emergency forget to mention the importance of a life jacket! 

It is good to own enough life jackets for your household and possibly a spare to kindly help another person. They are not expensive. I paid about $16 each. I own 2 small boats. My life jackets are similar to the ones the merchant shipping and aviation industries use and they have a whistle to help attract attention. They protect all equally, be they a strong or weak swimmer, frail or tired, young or fatigued. All are blessed. They are available in various sizes.

Considering the risk of death in Australia from floods appears to be highest in a car that becomes flooded usually on a flooded road, it is good to keep a life jacket in the car, along with a hammer in the glove box or under the seat, to break the window if needed. In a flood, it is difficult to open a car door against the pressure of the water outside. 

In our region, during the last few weeks, some of the river flood monitors were not working. I phoned the BOM to notify them of my observation as I understood that they owned all the river flood monitors, since they report river conditions and flooding conditions on their internet page. I was told they do not own all the river flood gauges. There is information on their internet page as to who owns the river flood gauges here: Flood Gauge Owners  If you do discover that river flood gauges are not working, please do the right thing and inform the owner kindly, so that accurate data may be provided to all and lives protected. People need this information so that they can make good decisions as to whether or not a road or land is about to become flooded. This information is especially necessary at night when flood waters are not easily seen over the road.

A home whose foundations are built on deep rock, on high ground, not sand, will not collapse in a flood. If your home is becoming flooded, then you and your household can put on a life jacket. I have never been impressed at all with the 'waffle pod'  house foundation system that some builders use.

I have always found that faithful communication with the Living God is never blocked or full of waffle, and I can always faithfully ask Him for help and guidance and protection. He is the giver of life and the sustainer of life. He has the authority and power to raise the dead and bring them back to life and He controls the wind and the waves and the rain. No one need be anxious. He only blesses and never curses. He's perfect. I can testify that the Living God has kept me breathing and our home has not collapsed or become flooded. Neither has my car. He advised me to purchase sustainable electricity and our own rain gauge for our own private property which my husband and I installed together at 10:40 a.m., Feb 24, 2022. We had 786 mm of rain at our home, here on the mountain between then and 6:30 p.m. Feb 27, 2022. The Living God advised me to count my rain blessings in the evening. Prior to purchasing the rain gauge, we'd had days of torrential rain and weeks of very high rain fall at our home, here in Mt. Mee. QLD, Australia. It has just started pouring rain now at 08:30 a.m. this morning, March 9, 2022. We live 500 m above sea level. I have faith. With the Living God, all things are possible.

I trust this blesses you kindly.

Mrs Sharon Joy Stay

Occupational Therapist.



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