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I Hate War

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So in Australia, we are told that in the past week or so, a war has started between Russia and Ukraine. A whole lot of countries seem keen to get in on the action, supplying millions and millions in weapons and cyber espionage to their own side and the situation escalates and escalates and escalates and escalates and escalates and suddenly they're talking about using nuclear weapons.

The Prime Minister of Australia, Mr Scott Morrison is faithlessly, hell bent, on joining their war and is spending millions on lethal weapons for his favourite side.

Millions that could have been better spent on providing nourishing food and decent clothing and clean water and secure shelter (not on flood plains) and helping people pay off home loans and quite possibly providing life saving flood barriers and life jackets to those living in known flood plains.

Millions that could have saved more lives, not destroyed them.


I hate war.
I hate bloodshed.

Two men are having difficulty agreeing, everybody piles in on the action, hatred is fed, lies are told, truth is abandoned and a war involving millions of people starts.....

Families are destroyed.
Loved ones die.
Children die.
Innocent people are murdered.
Homes are destroyed.
Future generations of families are destroyed forever.

In contrast....
Jesus Christ said. "Love your enemies. Bless them and do not curse. If they are hungry, give them something to eat. If they are thirsty, give them something to drink. If they need clothing, clothe them, if they need shelter and wounds cared for, then care for them and shelter them, be generous towards them and God will ensure that your needs are met also. Anyone can be kind to those who are being kind to them. Instead, you are to behave differently. You are to be kind and loving to all, even if they are unkind towards you and hate you. You are to love the Living God and do what He says. Behave with loving kindness towards others as you would want them to behave with loving kindness towards you, despite it all. Forgive. Maintain justice. Salvation is a truthful way of life. A gentle answer turns away wrath."
I like what He said.
I love what He said.
I love it a lot.
What's wrong with that? Nothing!

I hate war.

Choose Life!

The Living God is King of Kings - He has never lost a battle. I am going to do what He says. That will bless Australia and it's people more.

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