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Queen Esther, Purim and Sexual Molestation

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I wanted to clarify something that seems to be confusing some people in the Australian community.

If there is an attempted sexual assault, sexual molestation or sexual harassment or unwanted sexual advances on a married woman, by another person, who is not her husband, then the woman has done nothing wrong.  She rejected the sexual advances.  She hates it. Her heart remains true to her husband. It is unwanted and not asked for in any way. The man is completely in the wrong for he has lusted after a married woman and treated her marriage to her husband with disrespect. A woman in such a circumstance has not 'committed adultery'. A perfect example of this is seen in the true account of Queen Esther in the Holy Bible. Whilst married to the King, a married member of her husband's staff, Haman was his name, molested her. In this context, she had invited the staff member to dinner with her husband and herself. Queen Esther's husband then severely punishes the married staffer Haman, for molesting his wife. Haman had his own wife. He had no right to disrespectfully attack the King and Queen's marriage and disrespect his own wife also.

A married woman can not commit adultery if she is rejecting the lustful sexual advances of another man and asking for them to cease. She did not say they were okay at any point. Queen Esther did not commit adultery. Haman did - He lusted after another man's wife and molested her. Queen Esther was the innocent victim. The Living God hates lust, sexual molestation and legitimate marriages being disrespected with any type of infidelity. That is written all through His Holy Word.

In Australia, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, sexual assault, molestation and unwanted sexual advances are all illegal, for all people, children and adults. In Australia, legitimate marriage is for those aged over 18 years.

Purim is the Jewish Festival that is held to remember that the King lovingly protected his wife Queen Esther when another man threatened her life and their marriage with unwanted sexual advances. In 2022, Purim is celebrated from the evening of March 17, 2022 to the evening of March 18, 2022 in the city and in rural areas, it is celebrated from the evening of March 17, 2022 to the evening of March 19, 2022. Purim is a wonderful festival to celebrate the fact that any unwanted sexual advances are illegal and all human beings have the right to not be sexually assaulted or molested and to be married and have their marriage protected. Praise God! He always knows what is in a person's heart and rewards accordingly. He never rewards those who do evil.

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