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What Is The Anti-Vaxx Movement About?

Sharon Stay

The anti-vaccine movement is about worshiping the Living God, upholding human rights law and not committing murder or allowing others to murder you.

All human beings have the right to faithfully worship the true, supreme Living God and obey faithfully His commands and live. That right is protected under international human rights law, by the United Nations and also by Queensland State law, in Australia, where I live.  


In Australia, all vaccines for human use in Australia are schedule 4 poisons in the poisons standard. It is always illegal to deliberately poison a human being. It is called 'murder'.


So today, with headlines in the Australian news on the ABC and on Sky News, that speak of the Prime Minister of Australia Mr Scott Morrison becoming upset and very angry that there are Australian human beings who do not want to poison either themselves or their children, Mr Scott Morrison's response is evil. 

A loving parent does not deliberately poison their own children with a poison.

I have significant concerns that he would even publicly suggest that any parent should deliberately poison their children. 

Does he not love his own two daughters?

Does he want to deliberately poison them?

These are the questions that I and many others would ask.

I would have significant concerns that he would even publicly suggest that any person should deliberately poison any other person.

He knows that it is a poison. He has been told repeatedly. His wife knows also. She is a nurse. 

He speaks of listening to the voice of the Australian Government. I would kindly suggest, that he inquire of God as to what to do and then obey Him. For it is wrong for a parent to deliberately attempt to poison their own child and encourage others to do so!

I phoned his Cronulla electoral office this morning and explained the truth to them there again, and asked them to pass along the message directly to him, for he was not in his office there. The NSW police have already been informed, months ago about his malicious actions, so have the AFP and the QLD police.

NO person is to deliberately attempt to murder another and especially a defenceless child. That is the law. The man he is very angry and upset with, lives in Queensland and his daughter is a baby. 

Why does Mr Scott Morrison want to poison this man and his legitimate wife's, baby daughter and incite violence towards babies and children?

Does he not know that children are one of the Living God's many blessings to parents?


Kind blessings to all,

Mrs Sharon Joy Stay


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