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Why Pure Linen Fabric is the Right Choice and Faithful.

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My decision to base my clothing business (Linen Clothing Shop) on clothing made from linen fabric is a faith-based one. As a human being, I have the right to worship God and remain faithful to Him, His righteous law and to my legal husband and a right to live. That is international human rights law, protected by the United Nations, of which Australia is a signatory to and also State law here in Queensland, Australia, where I live with my husband and children.

I was inspired by the righteous wife spoken of in Proverbs 31 who obeyed God's wise and righteous law in her trading and it speaks of her choices regarding clothing. In Deuteronomy 22:11 and in Leviticus 19;19, it says that clothing fabric is not to be woven of two different fibres and gives the example of wool and linen fibres being woven together into one fabric and says, "don't do that!". In Numbers 15:38, we are told in God's righteous law to put small and narrow tassels (Jesus Christ said they are not to be wide and long), on the four corners of our outer garment. Elsewhere we are told to not clothe ourselves in pretence or to deceive others as to the fact, that we are Created by God as either male or female. A castrated male or eunuch remains a male, though I agree with the Living God that it is wrong to castrate a male.

Pure linen is a fabric made from 100% linen fibres that are either knitted or woven together, after being spun. The fibre comes from flax seeds that have been grown and harvested after flowering and then spun into linen yarn, before being woven or knitted together.

This very, breathable fabric, importantly blesses the body by preventing and or reducing skin rashes, allergies and skin irritations and fatigue and energy loss caused by wearing  clothing of fabrics woven or knitted together from two or more different fibres, which is why I believe it was so highly spoken of in God's righteous law.

I will trust that it does not upset you that I like and choose to obey human right's law and live out my faith in the Living God and remain faithful to my marriage to my legal husband Mark. I choose to uphold your human rights also.

Last year, for the first time, I planted flax seeds in my yard. The photo you see on my internet page of the flowers are the flax flowers from my first planting. I did not have enough though to spin and make into linen fabric after harvesting. I am keen to continue with this process though.

Kind Blessings,

Mrs Sharon Joy Stay



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