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Peri Artisan Perfumes - Immune Support

Peri Artisan Perfumes is a collection of 5 perfumes that are designed and created to strengthen and support the human body's immune system. 'Peri' means 'fruit' in Hebrew. The essential oil mixes are 100% therapeutic grade, organic essential oils. These perfumes have been prayerfully made with the intention of providing therapeutic healing in the name of Jesus Christ. They are not a drug/pharmaceutical/vaccine.  They will not give you eternal life. That is a gift from Jesus Christ, God incarnate. Suitable for human beings. Jeremiah 17:7,8.

"Believing in Jesus Christ is a therapeutic good that is safe, effective and lawful!".

God bless. :)

Mrs Sharon J Stay

Perfumer. B. Occ Thy. UQ 1993.

First released to the market for sale: December 31 2020 / January 1, 2021.