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Healthy recipes to bless you, using low allergy foods that supports a healthy immune system as recommended by the Living God's Holy lawful word, that are good for the family and home economics and good for worshipping the Living God.

There are no high-allergy ingredients: no yeast or raising agents, no pork, no shellfish, no rabbit, no camel, no vinegar, no mushrooms, no sea vegetables, no moulds, no fungus, no white wheat flour, no maggots, no white sugar, no alcohol,  no meat fat from the cattle or sheep or goats and no blood of any bird or animal, no cashews and no tree nuts. I only use whole foods and prefer un-homogenised milk as it is gentler on the nervous system and supports the myelin sheath for those with multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions. I use organic whole wheat flour, whole grains, raw sugar or raw honey, eggs and dairy along with fruit and vegetables and a little clean meat. There are sweet and savoury recipes, recipes for every day food and recipes for celebrations. 

The food is lovely and delicious and certainly keeps me healthy. I wanted to bless others with these recipes, because I know how hard it was for me, when I could not find these recipes and it took me years and years to develop ones that worked.

I have chosen to sell them individually, because you may not need every recipe. That is why the price is low. I have tried to make it affordable for every one. I really hope that blesses you. If you need to purchase a lot of them, then let me know and I will be happy to give you a discounted price.

Kind Regards,

Mrs Sharon Joy Stay.