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Certified Organic Whole Wheat 20 kg bag  - (Australian)

Sharon Joy Stay

Certified Organic Whole Wheat 20 kg bag - (Australian)


Kialla Pure Organics' 20 kg bag of whole wheat grain. 

I use my Thermomix to mill this into flour, to make bread for our family.

I dislike people becoming malnourished and constipated and sluggish and depressed and dehydrated and addicted to drugs and enemas and stiff necked, because they stubbornly refuse to eat whole wheat bread and obey all the wonderful wisdom the Living God has given us on what we are to eat and not eat. 

There is a very, very good reason the Living God gave us whole grains for food. There is a very, wise saying that says "The whiter the bread, the sooner you're dead". I hate death. 90% of essential nutrients are stripped away from wheat, to make 'white flour'. I will sell you whole wheat grain.

This product is too heavy for it to be shipped to you. If you want to purchase it, you will need to pay for the product online first, and then arrange a time with me to collect it from our gate, during business hours. 

I will help you by carrying it to your car.

Kind regards,

Mrs Sharon Joy Stay (Occupational Therapist).