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Faithful Engraved Silver Heart Chain Necklace - Deuteronomy 6

Sharon Joy Stay

Faithful Engraved Silver Heart Chain Necklace - Deuteronomy 6


Engraved Silver Heart Chain Necklace (White Rhodium coating) with the faithful words engraved on it: 

"Love God. No Drugs!"

The necklace is approximately 45.5 cm long.

I chose these words because to love the Living God is to obey all His commandments and to worship and serve Him only.

One  strong command He gives us, is to stay away from drugs and to not use drugs or ask others to use drugs. I understand it is not His only command.

In Australia, first responders eg. Drs, ambulance officers, nurses, health professionals etc, are trained to look for either a necklace or a bangle/bracelet on the wrist on an injured person, if the injured person is unable to communicate to them.

I have been told by them, in good faith, that they will respect the words "No drugs" and not administer drugs to a person who is unconscious or unable to communicate that they do not want drugs. They have told me, in good faith, that they understand this to include vaccines, pharmaceuticals and all drugs. 

Never, ever, ever in my life do I ever want to have a drug administered to me or ask another person to have a drug either. I have put these necklaces up for purchase, for those who feel the same way about these things.

Please allow approximately 4 weeks for delivery. This product is shipped separately from our other products.