Occupational Therapy Ph. 07 5498 2272. Urgent situations can be helped after hours, within reason.
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Occupational Therapy Intervention / Counselling / Rehabilitation

Sharon Joy Stay

Occupational Therapy Intervention / Counselling / Rehabilitation


Occupational Therapy Intervention / Counselling / Rehabilitation

Occupational Therapist is Mrs Sharon Joy Stay. B. Occ. Thy. U.Q. 1993.

Occupational Therapists bring healing to people's occupations and activities of daily living by addressing the whole person - body, mind and spirit. My assessment and recommended intervention will be influenced by your occupation and your concerns and your goals and current problems.

"I am committed to upholding human right's law, QLD law, Australian law, international law and the Living God's perfect law.
I will kindly care about you." Mrs Sharon Joy Stay.

Phone occupational therapy counselling and intervention is available. This is a home based, faith-based business. You are welcome to phone me and have a quick chat about this occupational therapy practice and what it can do for you, prior to purchasing an occupational therapy session. Phone 07 5498 2272. 

I have successfully worked in the following areas:

drug addiction rehabilitation,  aged care facilities, geriatric rehabilitation, dementia rehabilitation, orthopaedics, cardiac, CVA (stroke), autism, ASD, cognitive rehabilitation, hand injuries, splinting and plaster casting, seating and wheelchair assessments,  pressure relief and pressure sore prevention, infectious diseases, oedema management, spinal injuries, lymphedema management, respiratory, energy conservation, wound care, home safety assessments and home modifications, return to work, employment rights, allergies, gut health, nutritional rehabilitation, burns, scar management, bed wetting, rehabilitation of auto-immune diseases, hair loss, skin  rashes, workplace safety and risk assessment, developmental assessments of children, home education parental support, stress management, resuscitation training, first-aid, domestic violence, parenting counselling,  intensive care units, oncology (cancer), parenting counselling, reproductive health, education and training, environmental health, protection and quarantine, independent living assessments, budget counselling, health law and Lyme's disease.